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 Bee Removal and Relocation Services in Southern Arizona

Buzzing Best Farms offering Bee Removal Services in Tucson, Benson, Wilcox, Nogales, Phoenix, and other surrounding areas! Other Pest Control Services upon request! Bee Relocation is important to ensure our future! Help us help the world! The Bees Needs You As Much As We Need Them! Call us today!

Bat Exclusion/Removal Services

The Buzzing Best Farms, LLC Team now provides professional Bat Exclusion/Removal services. Our overall goal is to help you remove the Bats out of your home or business.  When Bat colonies Roost in your house or offices for long periods of time ,they go to the bathroom in their Roosting areas (Your Attic or empty crawlspace). This is called Bat Guano, which is dangerous particularly if it is in your breathing area. Bat Guano releases spores that can infect all with disease in the house or business.
All bats in Arizona are protected and Cannot be collected or killed.
However, Bats are an important part of the Ecosystem. Arizona bats contribute significantly to insect control, seed dispersal, and pollination across the landscape.
The Buzzing Best Farms team can help you solve the problem with removing your Bats from attics, and other unique areas permanently!
We always do our part to save the Bats throughout the Southern Arizona areas. Let us help you save the bats today!

Frsh Comb from a Home Harvest Bee Hive
  • Harmless removal of hives from within or out.

  • Relocation of said hives to our bee sanctuary. 

  • Safely Remove Bats from your Residence or Business.

  • Removal of Bat Guano From the Roosting Areas.

Once established in a structure, Honey Bees can number over 80,000 strong and the queen bee is known to lay upwards of 2,000 eggs per day which will hatch into fully mature bees after just 21 days. A mature bee colony an build well over 200 lbs of wax comb containing honey, brood (baby bees), and pollen in your walls. This is obviously not the ideal situation for a Tucson home owner or a AZ business and it takes more than a can of bee spray to successfully remedy the situation. A bee removal job like this requires a professional bee removal expert who understands the biology of the Honey Bee. I can pinpoint the bee hive, remove them and relocate them to be raised with great care in our Apiary located in the City of Tucson, AZ. One out of every three bites of food you and your family consume is directly linked to the pollination of honey bees. Please consider our bee removal services here in Pima, Pinal, and Maricopa counties  before destroying a colony of Honey Bees.